Impact Of Social Media On Children-Parent Relationship: A Sociological Implication


  • Jyotsna Verma Department of Arts



family, culture, Social media, nuclear family, virtual life


Remembering my childhood days when I used to enjoy my summer and winter vacations with my maternal grandparents and those were one of the best memories of my life which are unforgettable. We all family members have a lot of fun, joy, and happiness with each other and my grandma used to narrate us beautiful stories; which cannot ever be replaced with today‟s era of technology. Family is the pillar in building up a child, where elements of love, care, feel, security, trust, are the building blocks. Family is the first place of socialization for a child where he/she learns culture, moral values, traditions, customs, etiquettes, and behaviour which gives a child a life direction. There are different types of family structure in our Indian society nuclear, joint and extended family in these every epoch has their own true stories in which they have enjoyed a lot and has their wonderful flashback memories and at the time when they don‟t have any social media or smartphone but they all are very excited, full of life, enjoyable, hard-working and living to the fullest. On contrary, when coming to network society children just loves social media from starting of the day till a good night virtual message is the most essential task of today‟s generation which they feel is their world where they have hundreds of virtual friends but no one to share their thoughts and feelings which makes them feel isolated from others, depressed and lost, frustrated and low when they are said to do anything and emotionless because they are lost in their own virtual world.
Keywords: family, culture, social media, nuclear family, virtual life.


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