Youth Participation in Rural Development: An Analytical Micro Study




Rural Development, Youth Skill Development, Technology, Village, Agriculture, Modern, Nation, Reflection, Participation


For the development of any country, it is necessary that necessary steps should be taken for the development of rural areas, so that when the rural areas develop, the development of the country will also start in itself, because most of the population of our country lives in villages. Youth have an active role in giving a new direction to any nation or country. It is often seen that youth education skills are moving towards technological development, but somewhere the conditions of disorientation still exist and it is visible as a major problem. There is also a need to give a new direction towards skill development and all-round development of youth to connect them with new education and technology. The development of any country and any nation is possible only when the youth of that country are guided towards skill knowledge science. Today, there is a need to encourage the youth for skill development and self-employment in different areas of the country, only then the definition of this modern development can be fulfilled and the youth will have an important role in the development of the country, village and city. Through this research paper, the researcher has done an analytical study of the participation of youth in rural development and tried to know whether the role of youth in the development of the country and the nation is or not.


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