Lifting the Vell Over the Legal Architecture on Abortion in India: A Critical Legal Analysis




Abortion, Right to Reproduce, Pregnancy Loss, Unwanted Pregnancy, Rape Survivors


For centuries, women have fought for their reproductive rights. Abortion and women’s reproductive rights are global issues. Women have been given the ability to reproduce, which sets them apart from men. Because the circumstances were so dire at the time, women did not have a choice regarding whether, when, or how many children they wanted to have. Even they are denied the right to safe abortion and safe methods of contraception. Everything began with a few small campaigns to educate women about their rights. Women have been granted a number of rights, but the right to have an abortion is widely regarded as the most fundamental one. Because the woman’s body will give birth, she should be able to choose whether or not to have a child. Regarding its legality, abortion is a topic that elicits varying opinions. The big question for everyone is whether an unborn child has the right to life or whether a woman has the right to end her pregnancy whenever she wants. In this paper, the researcher will address all of these issues, with an emphasis on the abortion of rape victims. For this study, the doctrinal method methodology was used. As part of the doctrinal research, case law, statutes, and other secondary information from books, journals, websites, and other sources are examined.


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