Legal Rights of Women in Police Custody: A Analytical Study




Legal rights of women accused, Status of women in police custody, Abuse, Inhumanity, Sexual exploitation


In India, women have been considered a goddess since time immemorial. Because only women do the work of carrying forward the creation of the universe. Women are considered to be the first teachers of the child in the form of mothers. When a young person becomes a doctor, someone will become a President, someone will become a Prime Minister and some will contribute to nation-building by becoming a teacher. Then it is said that the way children are brought up and brought up, their personality is formed in the same way, and accordingly, they contribute to the building of the nation. Hence the contribution of a woman is incomparable. If crime and criminal incidents against women increase in society, then a woman can also take up arms to protect her family. But in the present scenario, the role of women has also changed. If the data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is studied, then women are also included in the category of crimes. Women's participation is also seen in many crimes. Now the question is that if women are taken into custody then how are they treated or is there any inhumanity being done while in jail and police custody. Through this paper, an attempt has been made to study the legal rights of women accused in police custody and find out how they are treated and will also discuss suggestions regarding how to behave in the future.


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