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Jai Maa Saraswati Gyandayini: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India ISSN: 2454-8367 (JMSG) invites the manuscripts or research papers/articles of all subjects, feeling immense pleasure to publish in quarterly issues. The original and unpublished manuscripts or research papers/articles shall only be published by the journal, subjecting to the approval of editorial board, submission guidelines, policies and applicable relevant Laws.

Manuscripts or research papers/articles shall be published in accordance with following the guidelines & policies:- An Abstract of 250-350 words must be mentioned in all the manuscripts or research papers/articles, containing the central theme or point of the research. An ‘Introduction’, Remedies, Suggestions and ‘Conclusion’ must be included in all manuscripts. The length of the manuscript should be average between 1000 words to 8,000 words. All manuscripts either must be in

English FONT : Times New Roman Size : 12 Line Spacing : 1.5 Or must be in Language :

Hindi FONT : Krutidev 010 Size : 14 Line Spacing : 1.5

All foot-notes/end note/references must be contained properly, appropriately on the required places. Use of first person must be avoided. All pages shall be numbered. Uniform date format must be used (i.e, January 26, 1950). Quotations: Quotation (s) in a sentence must be shown in double quotation marks (“ ”). A quotation in a quotation must be exhibited in single quotation marks (‘ ’). Other required things should be mentioned which are as required from Research methodology and practices, subjecting to time and circumstances.

 A copy right form shall be provided by the author or researcher mandatorily which is available on the website of the Journal, in this regard, neither an editorial Board or publisher or person concerned of the journal nor the journal shall be responsible, liable accountable or otherwise in any form for the infringement of the copy right.

All the manuscripts or research papers/articles shall be published after checking or testing plagiarism by software (s).

The author or researcher shall be under obligation to provide undertaking with respect to the originality, genuineness, legality and unpublished manuscripts or research papers/articles or research work which shall have required lawful or legal effect.

First of all the Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) shall be submitted by the author or researcher to the journal by e- mail or electronic means only, abiding by the heretofore mentioned submission guidelines and policies of the journal. The journal or authorized person (s) or Official (s) will send the information to the author in respect of the acknowledgement receipt of the same by e- mail or electronic means only thereafter the submitted Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) shall be forwarded to test of the plagiarism by software after that the same shall be sent for review to peer reviewed team or board further the advice (pieces of advice)/opinion (s)/suggestion (s) shall be sought by the Advisory Board thereafter on the receipt of the same finally the same shall be forwarded for kind approval of the Editorial Board of the journal, on the receipt of the aforesaid approval, the Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) shall be published according to applicable laws. In this respect, the author or researcher will inform as per requirement (s) from time to time in above said connection. All above said thing (s) shall be completed or concluded within a reasonable time or as expeditiously as possible or at the earliest, subjecting to instant time & circumstances.
Note: -
The Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) may also be disapproved or rejected by the Journal. The same may also be retuned or reverted to the author for the required correction (s) or modification (s) or resubmission or other connected thing (s) also in this regard by the journal.

The published copy (ies) in the issue respective shall be sent to the author(s) or researcher (s) concerned who have got the the manuscripts or research papers/articles published in the journal by e-mail (s) or electronic means/device (s) only. P

There is no submission fee.

In this regard, an identity of the Editor (s), Reviewer (s), Member (s) of Advisory Board or person concerned in this respect of the journal and the author (s) or researcher (s) shall be subjected to strictly confidentiality or privacy from each other with respect to appraisal or evolution or assessment or recommendation (s) or advice (pieces of advice)/opinion (s)/suggestion (s) or other connected things as required about Manuscript (s) research paper (s)/article(s) which is under process to publish under time & circumstances. The research work shall be published in welfare of world human & living creatures.

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