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0Cover Page Vol. 3, Issue– III, Jan. 2018JournalCOVER PAGE
1Index Vol. 3, Issue-III, Jan. 2018JournalINDEX
2Vedo ka Rastra ke Liye Sandesh: Ek Sameekshatmak AdhdhyanAshish KumarARTICLE
3Importance of People`s Participation and Responsibility in Rural DevelopmentSantosh Magadum, Dr. M. YariswamyARTICLE
4Empowering Women About The Awareness of Laws and Rights: An Empirical StudyDr. V. S. Sumi,ARTICLE
5An Analytical Study of The Coalition Government at The CentreDr. Rakesh Kumar TiwariARTICLE
6A Comparative Study of Human Rights Under International Instruments and The Constitution of IndiaVandana SharmaARTICLE
7Work Life Balance of Private College Professors With Reference to Coimbatore City – An Empirical StudyPavithira Gopinath, Dr. V. PunithaARTICLE
8An Interpretation of John Donne’s Divine Poetry in the Light of the Bhagavad GitaDr. Archana SinghARTICLE
9Aadivasi Samaj, Sahitya Evam Stri : Ek Samikshatmak AddhyanDr. Abha GuptaARTICLE
10Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Firm: Issues and ChallengesDr. B P Shivalingappa, Mr. Rajashekar C, Ms. Sujatha MARTICLE
11Vishwash Ka Sankat: Ek Vishleshnatmak AddhyanDr. Jyoti SidanaARTICLE
12A Study on the Impact of Home Environment on Academic Achievement of Intermediate Students of Anantapur DistrictDr. Masthanaiah Tadapatri, Sudarshana Reddy ChintalaARTICLE
13An Analysis of Farmers Financing Pattern In PaccsDr. C. Gunasekarn, Mr. G. PugalendhiARTICLE
14Marvad Me Railway Vikas: Ek AddhyanYashwant RajARTICLE
15Adhunik Shiksha Pranalayam Naitikmoolyeshu Vaidikmantranam PrabhavDr. Mataprasad SharmaARTICLE
16Upnishtshu Manovaigyaniktatvanam VishleshnamKamal Kishore SharmaARTICLE
17Job Satisfaction And Work-Life Balance Among Married Women PoliceDr. N. Shanmughavadivu, Dr. A. SethuramasubbiahARTICLE
18Keats’s SensuousnessDr. Prakash. N. MeshramARTICLE
19Impact of Goods and Services Tax (Gst) on NGOsDipika SinglaARTICLE
20Madhya Pradesh Me Krashi Upaj ke Vipnan Vyavhar ki Pramukh Samashyaye Evam Sujhav Dr. Abhilasha ShrivastavaARTICLE
21Gaadiya Luharo ki Arthvyavstha Evam Us Per Vaishvikaran ka Prabhav ( Alwar Jile Ka Bhoo-Sanskratik Addhyan)Dr. Ved Prakash YadavARTICLE
22Breaking away from mother: Appu’s dilemma in the Janakiraman’s novel ‘Remembering Amma’Samuel JohnsonARTICLE
23Impact of Mechanization in Agriculture At Paramathi Velur TalukDr. S. SenthilrajaARTICLE
24Customers’ Satisfaction Towards Hero Two Wheelers At Salem CityDr. S. SugunaARTICLE
25Cyber Crime: A Threat to persons property and SocietyDr. P. AshokkumarARTICLE
26Importance of Geography- Need of the hour!M. Chandra kalavathiARTICLE
27Homeless and Housing Shortage of Population in IndiaDr. T. Masthanaiah, Priti Gupta, Dr. A. Krishna KumariARTICLE
28Pt. Gopal Krishna Poranik Ka Patrikarita Me Yogdan [Swatantrta Andolan Ke Vishesh Sandarbh MeDr. Hirdesh SharmaARTICLE
29Usefulness of Homoeopathic Drug Gymnema Sylvestre in the Treatment of the Patients Suffering from Type II Diabetes Mellitus- A Prospective, Observational, Single Blind, Non-randomized, Clinical TrialProf. (Dr.) Nivedita Pattanaik, Dr. Nishant Daryani ARTICLE
30Buying Behavioural of Durable Products of Women Consumers with Reference to Krishnagiri District – A StudyN.V. Nagalatha, Dr. A. KaboorARTICLE
31Impact of Globalization on The Various Indian Classical Dance FormsMansi SaxenaARTICLE
32Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Views On Agrarian ProblemDr. Pramodkumar K. NandeshwarARTICLE
33Challenges of Making Smart Cities in IndiaPoornima Shukla,ARTICLE
34Environmental Effects of Urbanization in KanpurAnurag SinghARTICLE
35The Comparative Analysis of Wholesale and Retail Egg Price of The Poultry Farm in Namakkal ZoneDr. B. Rajendran, P. Balusamy,ARTICLE
36Manifestation of Excellence for Better India with respect to N. R. Narayana Murthy’s ‘The Need for Excellence’Mr. Kamalakar Baburao GaikwadARTICLE
37Income and Employment Generation From Sericulture in Jammu and KashmirSheikh MasratARTICLE
38Women Attain Identity and self in Toni Morrison Novel Mercy and ParadiseP. Deepa, Dr. VenkatramanARTICLE
39A Study of Human Rights and Society in IndiaRamesh Kumar, Vandana SharmaARTICLE
40A Comparative Study of Personality Factors of High Socio-Economic Status Students with the Low Socio-Economic Status StudentsAishwarya RathoreARTICLE
41Feelings…Dr. Sri. Pa. Dhevarajan, POEM
42Influence of Goods And Service Tax on Ganesh Idols: A Case Study of Hyderabad CityM. Vani, M. Kamraju, Pendyala ManishaARTICLE
43Problems and Prospects of Academic Libraries in Automated Environment: A Study with Special Reference to the Selected College Libraries of Dibrugarh, Sivasagar and Jorhat Districts of Assam.Anurag Borpatra Gohain, Biswajit ChutiaARTICLE
44Role of Information Technology in Rural DevelopmentDr. Muneer Ahmad KumarARTICLE
45Consumer Brand Loyalty Towards Cosmetic Products with Special Reference to Namakkal DistrictDr. B. Rajendran, Mrs. P. Revathi,ARTICLE
46Synthesis And Staining Potentiality of The Pyrazolone Azo DyesDr. (Smt.) Jyoti DubeyARTICLE
47Hindustan Me Boudhya Dharma Ki Dasha Evam Disha- Poorva Madhya Kal ke Vishesh Sandharbh MeJyoti Nigam, Abhinav DivyanshuARTICLE
48Ye Lakshya ki Jo Pyas haiAbhinav Divyanshu, Mihir DevPOEM
49Educational Inequality And Government Efforts: A Reference Of Scheduled CastesNishi YadavARTICLE
50Impact of Rural Development Programmes on Weaker Sections of Eastern Uttar PradeshPramod KumarARTICLE
51Intellectual Property and Impediments to Future Growth of I.P.R RegimeDr. P. AshokkumarARTICLE
52Hindi Ki Atmkatha Kitni Gouravshali ? Kintni AshahniyaAsha GaurARTICLE
53Right To Equality And Protective Discrimination: A Socio–Legal AnalysisDr. Ram Niwas DhayalARTICLE
54Election Commission: Its Role in The Changing Contours of PoliticsDr. Bharat SinghARTICLE
55The Role and Significance of Marriage as a Social Institution in Urban India: A Field ReportAkhilesh PathakARTICLE
56Prachin Bharat Me Shreni Sangathano Ka Niyayik Evam Samajik AvdanShailendra Singh RathoreARTICLE
57A Study on Impact of Health Facilities in Improving the Working Condition on Women Employees (With special reference to MAF clothing Garment industries in Tumkur city, Karnataka State)Mr. Shashikantha Rao, Ms. Nisargapriya T SARTICLE
58An Economic Analysis of Handicraft Industry in IndiaDr. Suresh Sachdeva, Tariq Ahmad MalikARTICLE
59The Eight Auspicious Symbols of BuddhismDr. Vishwanath VermaARTICLE
60Omprakash Balmiki ki Kahaniyo Ka Samajshashtriya AdhdhyanAjeet SinghARTICLE
61Changing Pattern of Urban Growth in Hyderabad city: A StudyDr. Kethori Venkatesh, Dr T Anuradha, M. KamrajuARTICLE
62Dracula in Twenty First Century: A Postcolonial Reading of Power, Love and Greatness in the Alternative Version of the TextReema ChakrabartiARTICLE
63Assessment and Construction of Norms on Cardio Respiratory Endurance: Adolescent Boys of Jammu and Kashmir StateMr. Javaid Ahmad Bhat, Dr. P.V ShelvamARTICLE
64Kanya Bhroon Hatya me Chikitsako Va Shikshitjano ki BhoomikaSubhash Kumar Guha, Dr. S. S. MoryaARTICLE
65Contemporary Storytelling: From Rushdie to Chetan BhagatDr. T. Jeevan KumarARTICLE
66Rajasthan Lok Seva Aayog Dwara Chaynit Evam Shiksha Bibhag Dwara Padonnat Pradhanadhyapako ki Nirnaya Prakriya Evam Sangatnatmak Vatavaran Ka AddhyanNaveen KumarARTICLE
67Depreciation in Quality Teaching & Learning – (A Deterrent to Sustainable Development)Lt. (Dr.) Pravesh KumarARTICLE
68Shekhawati Ke Vyaparik Varg Ki Mahilaon Ka Swatantrata Andolan Me YoganPratap Singh, Dr. Manju GuptaARTICLE
69Higher Education in India: Emerging Issues, Challenges and Suggestions: An Analytical StudyEktaARTICLE
70Legitimacy of Judicial ReviewMohammad parvej, Mr. Avinash ChhariARTICLE
71The Evolution of Management Process and Styles; Some Indigenous ObservationsDr. Rateka SethARTICLE
72Is It Time To Decriminalize Homosexuality In India: A ReviewDr. Pawan Kr MishraARTICLE
73Spirituality And Loneliness Among Elderly - An Empirical StudyIndumathy JARTICLE
74Nirvachan me Media ki Bhoomika (Rajasthan Vidhansabha Nirvachan: 2008 Ke Vishesh Sandharbh MeDr. DeepakchandraARTICLE
75Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: with special reference to Saudi Arabia BankDr. Jyoti AgarwalARTICLE
76Effect of Moderate Intensity Circuit Training on Skill Performance Variable Among College Male Football PlayersKhursheed Ahmad Naikoo, Dr. M. A. HassanARTICLE
77Effect of Plyometric Training With Weighted Vest on Explosive Strength among College Men Volleyball PlayersJavaid Ahmad Sheikh, Dr. M. A. HassanARTICLE
78Lesson Planning Approaches in Teaching-Learning ProcessMr. Mohd Iqbal BhatARTICLE
79Shekhawati Anchal ke Mele Va Tyohar (Jal Dharohar Ke Etihasik-Sanskratik Addhyan ke Vishesh Sandarbh Me)Har Lal Singh, Dr. Manju GuptaARTICLE
80Pre-Colonial Land Tenures And Revenue Systems in Malabar: A Brief AnalysisAbdurahiman ThottekkatARTICLE
81Balmikiya Ramayan Ke Rachayita: Ek Samikshatmak AddhyanDr. Bheema DeviARTICLE
82The Effect of Health And Perceived Parental Attitude of Students on Their Academic AchievementRajalekshmi. GARTICLE
83Mansik Swasthya Me Yog ki Bhoomoka Evam Manorogo (Mansik Tanav, Avsad Etyadi) ka Yogik PrabandhanArvind Vedwan, Dr. Rakesh GiriARTICLE
84Vidhyalayi Shiksha Me Yogasano ke Shikshan SiddhantJaidev, Dr. Rakesh GiriARTICLE
85Adhunik Pariprakshya Me ShrimadBhagwatgeeta Me Varnit Karmayog ki UpadeytaParul Kumar, Dr. Surendra KumarARTICLE
86The Most Popular Destinations in Uttar Pradesh: An Analysis!Prateek Cecil Daniel, Dr. Sneh. P. DanielARTICLE
87Bhartiya Parampara Me Sangharsh Vihin Sudhar: Vaishvik Pariprekshya Me Ek VimarshSaumitra Mani TripathiARTICLE
88A Study of Human Rights and Legal-Aid & Para-Legal Services in IndiaRaj Kumar Verma, Ramesh KumarARTICLE
89Analysis of Financial Health of Steel Authority of India Limited Using Altman Z-Score ModelJithesh Mon MulloolARTICLE
90Aayurdarya me Mahadashaon ka VicharDr. Bhagwan Das ShastriARTICLE

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