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 Peer Review Policy/ Peer Review System


Jai Maa saraswati Gyandayni An International Multidisciplinary e-Journl, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India ISSN: 2454-8367 is Open Accessed, Indexed  e-Journal ensures the strict compliance or adherence of its  Double Blind Peer Review System/Policy , submission guidelines, recommendation (s) of Editor (s), Reviewer (s), advice (pieces of advice)/opinion (s)/suggestion (s) of Advisory Board,recommendation (s) of the Editorial board of the journal what so ever as per rule (s) & regulation (s) and applicable relevant Laws to publish the research of all subject sat the International level. The journal is absolutely committed & dedicated to publish original, genuine piece (s) of own research work and un-published Manuscript (s) research paper (s)/article(s),subjecting to its declared quarterly frequency of publication in each year i.e. FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST, NOVEMBER and norms beyond all kinds of bias.

All foot-notes/end note/references must be contained properly, appropriately on the required places. Use of first person must be avoided. All pages shall be numbered. Uniform date format must be used (i.e, January 26, 1950). Quotations: Quotation (s) in a sentence must be shown in double quotation marks (" "). A quotation in a quotation must be exhibited in single quotation marks (' '). Other required things should be mentioned which are as required from Research methodology and practices, subjecting to time and circumstances.



First of all the Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) shall be submitted by the author or researcher to the journal by e- mail or electronic means only, abiding by the heretofore mentioned submission guidelines and policies of the journal. The journal or authorized person (s) or Official (s) will send the information to the author in respect of the acknowledgement receipt of the same by e- mail or electronic means only thereafter the submitted Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) shall be forwarded to test of the plagiarism by software after that the same shall be sent for review to  Double Blind Peer Review System/Policy team or board further the advice (pieces of advice)/opinion (s)/suggestion (s) shall be sought by the Advisory Board thereafter on the receipt of the same finally the same shall be forwarded for kind approval of the Editorial Board of the journal, on the receipt of the aforesaid approval, the Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) shall be published according to applicable laws. In this respect, the author or researcher will inform as per requirement (s) from time to time in above said connection. All above said thing (s) shall be completed or concluded within a reasonable time or as expeditiously as possible or at the earliest, subjecting to instant time & circumstances.

The Manuscript (s) or research paper (s)/article(s) may also be disapproved or rejected by the Journal. The same may also be retuned or reverted to the author for the required correction (s) or modification (s) or resubmission or other connected thing (s) also in this regard by the journal.

Research Methodology
The required Research Methodology shall also be kept in main view of publication, ethics policy (ies) and Review procedure (s) or other connected thing (s) with the same the synopsis of Research Methodology is as under:- In present scenario, present condition, Research is playing a key role for the development of all subjects/studies or fields and civilization of human & living creatures. Research is having its own specific place not only in India but also in worldwide. Human is very curious in accordance with one's natural tendencies and feelings, having lots of curiosities so to satisfy the same Research is compulsory and essential. Research means Re+ search = search something again and again or explore something time and again. Generally it can be said that research is conducted to discover the existing truth. To conduct the research various methods, tools or techniques and other connected things with the same are applied which are studied in methodology.


Author’s Instructions/ Submission Guidelines

With regard to this, for citations/foot notes/ references “The Bluebook- A Uniform System of Citation (2015, 20th ed.)) shall be followed.

The journal follow ‘Double Blind Review System’ which means nothing must be contained in the submitted manuscript about the identification of the Author (s).  The information relating to the identification of the Author (s) should be submitted under “The separate Title Page.”

In this connection, “The separate Title Page.” Shall include the following things as-

  1. Type of Article.
  2. Title of Manuscript.
  3.  Name (s), Designation (s)/Office (s) and affiliation (s) of all contributing author (s)
  4. Full address (es) for Permanent & correspondence (s), with the inclusion of Phone number (s)/Mobile number (s) or fax number (s) and email address.
  5. One or two lines in respect of the biographical details (latest publications, previous & required others) should be provided for all contributors for use in the Notes on the Contributors.
  6. Abstract: please furnish “An Abstract” of up to 300 words. The abstract should not mention any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references.
  7. Keywords: please provide a minimum of four and up to six keywords in alphabetical order which are appropriate to index. Generally, the words should not have mentioned in the title.
  8. Funding statement.
  9. Acknowledgement (s).
  10. Declaration (s) about the Conflict of interest as to Author (s).

The Article (s)/Manuscript (s) shall follow the numbering system which is under:

  1. 1. Primary level heading
                1.1 Secondary level heading
                            1.1.1 Third level heading
                            1.1.2 Third level heading
                1.2 Secondary level heading
                1.3 Secondary level heading
  2. 2. Primary level heading
                2.1 Secondary level heading
                            2.1.1 Third level heading
                            2.1.2 Third level heading

The language of journal is English or Hindi. The Article (s)/Manuscript (s) must be in word by using Microsoft Word, 12 font, double space, (1 1/2 inch) margins; the pages should be numbered in according to sequences. The Article (s)/Manuscript (s) should be 5000 to 10000 in length.

Stages of Research
To do research in the systematic ways/stages are as under:-
Formulation of Research Problem
Review of Literature
Formulation of Hypothesis
Research Design
Collection of Data
Analysis of Data
Remedy and Suggestion

Kinds of Research
Non- Doctrinal
Empirical Research
Socio-Legal Research and etc.

Important Methods of Research
Deductive method of Research Inductive method of Research and etc Various Important Tools or Techniques or Methods for Collection of Data:- Questionnaire Interview Schedule Observation Survey Case Study Project Scaling Sampling and etc.

Publication Fee: 


In this regard, an identity of the Editor (s), Reviewer (s), Member (s) of Advisory Board or person concerned in this respect of the journal and the author (s) or researcher (s) shall be subjected to strictly confidentiality or privacy from each other with respect to appraisal or evolution or assessment or recommendation (s) or advice (pieces of advice)/opinion (s)/suggestion (s) or other connected things as required about Manuscript (s) research paper (s)/article(s) which is under process to publish under time & circumstances. The research work shall be published in welfare of world human & living creatures.