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Archive articles

Volume 1, Issue IV APRIL 2016

S.No. Title Authors Name Subject Views Downloads Full Access
0 Cover Page Vol.1, Issue – IV, April 2016
0 Index Vol.1, Issue – IV April 2016
2 A Study to Assess Effectiveness of Structure Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Postnatal Exercise Among Postnatal Mother at Bishnoi Hospital Balotra Rajasthan
Meena kumari, Dr Prabhu R. Choudhary ARTICLE10View PDF XML
3 The Longing of A Spinster
Dr. Sri. Pa. Dhevarajan, Poem10View PDF XML
4 Effect Of Herbicides On The Dynamics Of Culturable Soil Micro-Organisms In Groundnut
S. K. Sahoo, B. Hota, V.B. Kuruwanshi, M. Kar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
5 FNAC study of Cervical Lymphadenopathy

Dr. Shalibhadra V. Shah, Dr.Smita A.Shah ARTICLE10View PDF XML
6 The Reminiscences


Dr. Kusum kumari Poem10View PDF XML
7 Destiny Decision
Rohit Kumar Verma Poem10View PDF XML
8 Study On Dividend Practice Analysis With Special Reference To Ultra Tech Cement Limited

Dr. G. Mahooridevi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
9 Child Development In Cognitive, Moral, Social And Spiritual Aspects

Dr. M.E.S.Elizabeth, Asadi Asha Jyothi, ARTICLE10View PDF XML
10 Vaisheshik Darshan ke Anusar Manushya Swabhav ki Vishleshan Vidhi
Piyush Aggarwal ARTICLE10View PDF XML
11 Mahabharat me Pantyajjal Yog ka Prabhav evam Uski Vartman me Prasangigta
Pradeep Kumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
12 Emotional Intelligence in Relationship With Academic Performance At College Level In Kashmir Valley

Mr. Mohd Iqbal Bhat, Dr. P.P. Goswami ARTICLE30View PDF XML
13 Study Habits and Academic Achievement among Secondary Students
14 The Mobilizing Agents of Arts: Political Agitations and Guerilla Theatre

Prasanth. P.S ARTICLE10View PDF XML
15 Crossing Boundaries: Analyzing the Construction of Diaspora in V.S. Naipaul’s Life and His Novel A House For Mr. Biswas


Jubinarosa. S.S ARTICLE10View XML
16 Impact Of Socio Economic Factors In Investing Mutual Funds- An Approach Of Multiple Regression Analysis

Dr. G. Mahoori Devi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
17 A comparative Study On Service Quality Perception of Public and Private Sector Banks in India
S. Mary Rajamani, Dr. M. Madana Mohan ARTICLE10View PDF XML
18 Chitrakala Me Abhivyakti Evam Prastuti Ke Badalte Swaroop
Ranjeeta Mourya ARTICLE10View PDF XML
19 Shiksha Me Navachar- Shikshan Ka Ek Shashkt Madhayam You Tube
Dr. Reeta Sharma, Rekha Rangey ARTICLE10View PDF XML
20 Branding Strategies Of Global Firms – Indian Perspective

C.V. Naveen Kumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
21 Hr Practice To Reduce Stress Of Workforce In Organizations

Dr. T. Chennakesavulu ARTICLE10View PDF XML
22 Uttar Pradesh Ki Kala Me Pramukh Sansthaon Ka Yogdan


Manju Devi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
23 A Study On Determinants Of Profitability Analysis Of Select Textile Industries In India


Dr. L. Manivannan, Mrs. Krishnaveni ARTICLE10View PDF XML
24 A Critical Analysis Of Transboundary Waters Of South Asia


Amal Sarkar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
25 Study Of Serial And Non Serial Queuing Processes With Reneging, Balking And Feedback Phenomenon


Ms. Rajvinder Kaur ARTICLE10View PDF XML
26 Practical Aspects of Juvenile Juctice


Chandrajeet Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
27 Human Rights and Emerging Challenges

Mahendra Singh Meena ARTICLE10View PDF XML
28 Trace Elements in the Drinking Water and Their Possible Health Effects in Vellore District


J. Komathi, DR. A. Thaminum Ansari ARTICLE10View PDF XML
29 Impact of Social Realism and Culture upon Kamala Markandaya and Bharati Mukherjee


Ashish Kumar Gupta ARTICLE10View PDF XML
30 Effects On Human Health Due To Improper Hygiene


Dr. Smt. Usha Bhasin ARTICLE10View PDF XML
31 Gender Issues And Entrepreneurship
Ms. Tanvi Bhasin ARTICLE10View PDF XML
32 Emotional Intelligence As A Key Factor In Employee Motivation


Dr. Deepa Saxena, Miss. Pragya Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
33 Phytochemical And Pharmacological Studies On Hibiscus Vitifolius


Dr. K. Prabhakaran, A. Rajendiran ARTICLE10View PDF XML
34 Effectiveness And Advantage Of Task-Based Reading Comprehension Among College Students
Dr. M. Kalaiarasan ARTICLE10View PDF XML
35 Natural Tools of Calligraphy

Ms. Javedan Raza ARTICLE10View PDF XML
36 Bhariya Jan Jati me Vivah Sanskar: Samajshashtriya Vishleshan


Dr. Manish Mishra ARTICLE10View PDF XML
37 Task Based Language Teaching To Enhance The Speaking Skill Of Secondary Students

T. Maureen Blossom, Dr. J. Sundarsingh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
38 Mushafir


Ram Shankar ARTICLE20View PDF XML
39 Paid Mourners


Dr. Sri. Pa. Dhevarajan, ARTICLE10View PDF XML
40 An Investigation of Leadership Spirituality Among Banking Professionals And Its Impact on Organasation Commitment

Prof. Dr. T. Vijaya Kumar, Mr. Jackson Jeevaraj ARTICLE10View PDF XML
41 Impact of Non Psychological variables on Mental Health and Defensive Behaviour of School Teachers

Mrs. S.Thiripura Sundari ARTICLE10View PDF XML
42 Ground Water Chemical Quality Of Khandan - Miyati Sector Of Thandla Tehsil, Jhabua Region, Madhya Pradesh, India


Anil Katara ARTICLE10View PDF XML
43 Changing Dimension Of Triple Divorce Under Muslim Law

Dr. Om Prakash Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
44 An Analysis on The Performance of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies In India Over A Decade (2004-05 To 2013-14)


,Aprose. A,Dr. S. Chandrasekaran ARTICLE10View PDF XML
45 Life Insurance Products In India: An Empirical Study

Mona Jindal, Dr. Amandeep Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
46 Role of Right To Information Act To Secure Constitutional Governance And Democratic Principles In Indian Policy


DR. P. Ashok Kumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
47 Attitude of Higher Secondary Students Towards Religion

Dr. A. S. Arul Lawrence, Dr. C. Barathi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
48 An Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Guidelines on Management of Occupational Exposure to HIV/AIDS in terms of Knowledge and Attitude of Interns of Selected School of Nursing of Gujarat State.

MR. Rajesh J. Sabara ARTICLE10View PDF XML
49 Nature


Chitra .V. Poem10View PDF XML
50 Meritorious Services of Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy – A Study.


Dr. Pari Parameshwaran ARTICLE10View PDF XML
51 Hollow Soul


Manvi Sharma Poem10View PDF XML
52 Nav Bharat Nirman ki Pahal


Shashank Shekhar Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
53 Anti- Terrorism Legislations: Violation of Human Rights- Role of NHRC, Media and Public

Dr. P. Ashok Kumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
54 Language Skills of Teacher Trainees and its Effect on the Teaching-Learning Process: Ideals ad Reality

Dr. P. Padmini ARTICLE10View PDF XML
55 New Avenues of International Trade between Indo-UAE

Dr. H. B. Gupta, Amrin Noor ARTICLE10View PDF XML
56 1857 ki Kranti me Maharani Laxmibai ka Yogdan


Meherban Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
57 Vartemansandharve Vedanganamupadeyta


Naresh Kumar Bairwa ARTICLE10View PDF XML
58 Shaikshik Prasashan ki Durvalta

Meena Kumari, Nitikesh Yadav ARTICLE10View PDF XML
59 Pushtak Sameeksha- Manav Adhikar, T.P. Tripathi Allahabad Law Agency Publication, Allahabad, Pancham Sanskaran 2013, Prashth Sankhya XII + 455

Janardan Kumar Tiwari ARTICLE10View PDF XML
60 Effectiveness of Programmed Learning Material in Teaching Statistics to B.Ed. Students

Dr. Jignasa H. Joshi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
61 Dalits In India – From Marginalisation To Inclusion


V. Basil Hans ARTICLE10View PDF XML
62 MeYou


Anca Mihaela Bruma ARTICLE10View PDF XML
63 A Glance of Community Participation in Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS), Bhopal


Dr. Gauri Shankar Mahapatra ARTICLE10View PDF XML
64 Changing Aspects of Gender Violence: Eve Teasing "A Case study of District Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh”


Ashutosh Pandey ARTICLE10View PDF XML
65 Sales Promotion Strategies Of Fitness-Centers In Delhi


Rahul Kaush ARTICLE10View PDF XML
66 Ek Vidushi Mahila Ke Roop Me Avanti Bai: Vyakttva Evam Krattva

Dr. Mandakni Sharma ARTICLE10View PDF XML
67 Human Rights And Emerging Challenges


Mahendra Singh Meena ARTICLE10View PDF XML
68 Practical Aspects of Juvenile Justice


Chandrajeet Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML
69 Roopnarayan Sonkar ki Atmakatha “Nagfani” ka Samajik Vishleshan

Pradeep Kumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
70 Body Image Dissatisfaction as related to Psychological Wellbeing: A study of Adolescence Girls


Nancy Agrawal, Prof. Mahmood S. Khan, Kehksha ARTICLE10View PDF XML
71 Afghanistan : The Conflict Zone in South Asia

Manoj kumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
72 Colocolonic Intussusception of A Giant Pseudopolyp In Inflammatory Bowel Disease – A Rare Case Report


Dr. Ilavarasi, Dr.Premkumar K, Dr. Kani Sheik, Dr. Mohammed Ali ARTICLE10View PDF XML
73 Corporate Social Responsibility

Prof. Ayesha B.B. ARTICLE10View PDF XML
74 Team Cohesiveness Among Selected College Teams During Practice and Prior to Competition


75 Role of Buddhism in Ladakh


Tseten Dolkar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
76 Sustainable Accounting Theory And Practice - An Empirical Study

Dr. H.H. Ramesha ARTICLE10View PDF XML
77 Bharat ki Aarthik Niti Aur Dalto ki Sthiti (Tulnatmak Adhdhyan)


Dr. Vikash Kumar, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan ARTICLE10View PDF XML
78 Child Labour: A Global Task


Rashmi Singhai, Sonia Goswami ARTICLE10View PDF XML
79 Identity and Gender in Select Novels of Shobha De


Dr. (Mrs) Gunjan Sushil ARTICLE10View PDF XML
80 Loneliness and Social desirability in relation to the learning outcomes of Secondary School students


Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Neelu Sharma ARTICLE10View PDF XML
81 Uttrakhand ke Lok Devta: Ek Samajshashtriya Vishleshan

Dr. Chandra Prakash ARTICLE10View PDF XML
82 Effect of Physical Exercise Programme on Quality of Life of Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy


Chewang Doma Bhutia, Dr. Usha Sujit Nair, ARTICLE10View PDF XML
83 A Study Of Perceived Stress And Competitive Attitude In Relation To The Performance Of Basketball Players


Mohit Kumar, Rahul Kaush, Dr. Parmod Kumar Sethi, Ankit Tyagi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
83 Comparative Reliability Analysis of BMFR, SBNPR,TBMAR and PBMFR Routing Protocols for VANET

Sanjay Batish, Prof. Amardeep Singh ARTICLE10View PDF XML