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Archive articles

Volume 1, Issue III JANUARY 2016

S.No. Title Authors Name Subject Views Downloads Full Access
1 Index Vol., 1 Issue – III
Index Vol., 1 Issue – III INDEX10View PDF XML
2 A Deconstructionist Arraignment of Reading 
Dr. Arun Kumar Yadav ARTICLE10View PDF XML
3 Reading Character In Ho Minfong’s The Clay Marble

Dr. Chung Chin-Yi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
4 A study on Liquidity Management of Star Cement Limited Meghalaya

Dr. Kailash Chandra Biswal ARTICLE10View PDF XML
5 PADMASHRI PRATIMA: A Fragrance of Assam’s Folk-Music

Aminur Islam ARTICLE10View PDF XML
6 Introduction To The Concept Of Marriage And Womanhood As Depicted In The Contemporary Indian English Novel By Women: A Feminist Approach

Dr. Jayatee Bhattacharya ARTICLE10View PDF XML
7 Dalit Andolno ka Samajshastriya Moolyankan

Dr. Ajay Kumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
8 Patriarchal Cruelty By Women: A Studywith Special Reference To Shashidesh Pande’s Novels – The Darkholds No Terrors And That Long Silence


A.V. Padmavathi ARTICLE10View PDF XML
9 Awareness Of Safety Measures In Chemistry Laboratory And Interest In Chemistry Practical Among Xi Standard Students


Dr. D. Hemalatha Kalaimathi, Dr.T.Subhashini ARTICLE10View PDF XML
10 Examining The Influence Of Supervisory Support On Training Effectiveness: Empirical Evidence From Service Organization In Gwalior
Richa Sharma, Pooja Sharma ARTICLE10View PDF XML
11 Enhancing The Spoken English Proficiency Level Through The Teaching of Pronunciation


Irwin Amit Das ARTICLE10View PDF XML
12 Hori : Bhartiya Kishan Ka Pratinidhi

13 Domestic Violence And Its Impact Upon Everyday Life of Married Women- A Study From Durgapur, West Bengal

Indrani Ghatak ARTICLE10View PDF XML
14 Women Empowerment And Education Reflection On A Survey Of Women In Varanasi


Dr. Shaila Parveen ARTICLE10View PDF XML
15 Asahyog Andolan me Madhya Pradesh ki Mahilaon ka Yogdan

Dr. K. Ratnam, Keerti Dubey ARTICLE10View PDF XML
16 Death of A Poet

Dr. Bhaskar Roy Barman ARTICLE10View PDF XML
17 Plants protect their body???????

Shobha Kumari ARTICLE10View PDF XML
18 A Critical Appraisal And Philosophical Study of Human Rights Law With Special Reference to Indian System


Ramesh Kumar ARTICLE10View XML
19 Present Scenario Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprise In India


Gurpreet Kaur Kang ARTICLE10View PDF XML
20 A Critical Analysis Of India’s Stand On Climate Change

Amal Sarkar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
21 Rashtra ke Nirman me Ballabh Bhai Patel ki Bhoomika


Dr. Mandakni Sharma ARTICLE10View PDF XML
22 “Loktantra me Nirvachan Ayog” ki Bhoomika

Sadhna Tomar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
23 Critical Appraisal of Legal-Aid and Para Legal Services with Special Reference to India


Raj Kumar Verma ARTICLE10View XML
24 Social Media: A New Emerging Tool For Libraries


Trinayan Borgohain, Miss Nandita Barman ARTICLE30View PDF XML
25 Personality Traits And Adjustment of Teachers

Dr. Shubhra Chaturvedi, Poonam Aggarwal ARTICLE10View PDF XML
26 A philosophical Approach on Education as the Basic Right of Humankind

Ms. Yagma Asalat ARTICLE10View PDF XML
27 “Padhya’ evam ‘Gadhya’ ke Shashkt Hashtakshar: Muktibodh


Suresh Kumar Yadav ARTICLE10View PDF XML
28 Etihas Lekhan : Purane Aur Naye Drashtikon

Rohit Kumar Pandey ARTICLE20View PDF XML
29 Review of Dislocation Rate for THR Anterior vs Posterior Approach

Dr. Pravin Kumar Sahu, Dr. Anshuman kr., Prof. Dr. G.S. Patnaik ARTICLE10View PDF XML
30 A Study of Educational Status of Reserved, Poor And Disadvantaged Students of Private Schools


Nitikesh Yadav ARTICLE10View PDF XML
31 Free Legal Aid is not A Matter of Charity But A Matter of Right


Dr. P. Ashokkumar ARTICLE10View PDF XML
32 Vartman Paridrashya me Bharat me Bad Rahe Bhrashtachar ka Alochnatmak Addhyan

Smt. Asha Gautam ARTICLE10View PDF XML
33 Naresh Mehta : Vyaktitva Aur Kratitva


Rekha Saini ARTICLE10View PDF XML
34 Death


Dr. Chung Chin-Yi Poem10View PDF XML
35 Bharat me Khadya Suraksha evam Sarvajanik Vitran Pranani


Aparna Mishra ARTICLE10View PDF XML
36 Ageing

Mrs. Lopamudra Mishra Poem10View PDF XML
37 Cry of A Mother

Mrs. Lopamudra Mishra Poem10View PDF XML
38 Awful Freedom


Dr. Vijay Matkar Poem10View PDF XML
39 Ye Mushafir


Ramesh Kumar Poem10View PDF XML
40 Bikhre Kuch Alfaj


Rohit Kumar Verma Poem10View PDF XML
41 Simplicity


Dr. Sonia Poem10View PDF XML
42 “Dimensions of Teachers effectiveness among teachers of Normal and Handicapped children”

Dr. M. Govindaraju, ARTICLE10View PDF XML
43 Seemavarti Rajyo ka Poorvottar Bharat ki Aantrik Suraksha Par Prabhav


Dr. Shyam Sunder Choudhary ARTICLE10View PDF XML
44 Buddha Kalin Shramik: Ek Sankshipt Addhyan


Dr. Dinesh Prasad Kamal ARTICLE20View PDF XML