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A Study of Stress, Anxiety and Depression of Different Games University Players



Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh

It is recognized that the majority of people as well as players are showing symptoms associated with   stress, anxiety, and depression at some point. For many of us, the pace of modern life and rapid technological changes and others social causes and constantly to feel unable to cope up with the demands that are put upon us. These demands come for many different sources like home, relationships, economy, job, health, self-esteem, surrounding environment etc., leading to stress, anxiety and depression. The purpose of the study was to check stress, anxiety and depression of different games university level players during inter university tournament. The study shows that out of 150 players of Athletics, Archery, Basketball and Volleyball 82(54.66%) normal level, 36(24.00%) mild level, 19(12.67%) moderate level, and 13(8.67%) severe level of stress found. 119(79.34%) normal level, 10(6.67%) mild level, 13(8.67%) moderate level, and 08(5.34%) severe level of anxiety found. 122(81.3%) normal level, 22(14.6%) mild level, 06(4.0%) moderate level, and 00(00%) severe level depression found. The finding of the study in relation to stress showed that there is no significant difference among all four Games, in relation to anxiety showed that there is significant difference among Athletics, Archery, Basketball and Volleyball players and in relation to depression showed that there is no significant difference among all four games players.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression.